New this year at the Camden Snow Bowl, is an all women’s instructional and progressive snowboarding group. While focusing on teaching safety, skill, style and form for snowboarding, the group will be guided through a two hour, six class session learning the basics of the sport. From clean carving, fluid trail riding and speed control, to “ollies” and terrain park safety, this course will cover the basic essentials of snowboarding including a safe progression to terrain park riding such as jumps and box slides.

This class along with teaching snowboarding will also highlight new ways to exercise, helpful nutritional tips and help build a healthy self image. The ladies snowboarding group hopes to produce strong, confident women who can safely ride the mountain.

Instructor Kea Tesseyman is eager to form a group for all females to provide them with the opportunity to harness their physical ability with the proper skill and style needed to become a fluent snowboarder.

Lessons begin Saturday, Jan. 8. For more information or to register, please contact the Ski School desk at the Camden Snow Bowl, 236-3438 ext. 106.