The following deed transfers were recorded from Dec. 13 to Dec. 17 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Cersosimo Industries Inc. to Ronald K. Place.

Barbara E. Rooney to David Rooney.


Robert L. Messier to Katherine M. Messier.

Rodney Borland Plimpton to Rodney B. Plimpton Tr., Geri D. Plimpton Tr. and Geri D. Plimpton Irrevocable Trust.

Charlotte G. Stancioff to Andrew T. Stancioff, Ivan A. Stancioff, Paul N. Stancioff and Ann F. Tatgenhorst.


Aurora Loan Services LLC and First American REO Servicing Atty. to Peter C. Rasmussen and Patricia C. Rassmussen.

Paul A. Quinn and Kathryn Quinn to David O. Cooper.

David S. Faulkingham to Michael J. Engelhart and Anne E. Engelhart.

Isle au Haut

George W. Greenlaw Est to Joanne S. Greenlaw.

Owls Head

Savings Bank of Maine to Ryan Lawrence and George Andreaus.


William R. Lehrke and Anne N. Donnelly to Arendahl LLC.

Barbara A. Gushee to Wallace Tower and Heidi Tower.


Stephen E. Widdecomb Jr. to Kirk Guerrette.

Marie E. Azevedo Est. to D. Scott Haynes and Susan L. Haynes.

Edwin C. Bachelor Jr. to D. Scott Haynes and Susan L. Haynes.

Elizabeth Ann Richards Est. to Rupert E. Lux and Linda L. Lux.

Gregg Lazanoff and Judith Lazanoff to Deborah L. Coffin.

Roland C. Lessard to Golden Grill LLC.

Steven L. Watts to Steven L. Watts and Keith Stone.

Camden National Bank to TD Bank NA.

Rita M. Foley to David D. Ehart and Janet L. Ehart.

Paul M. Sciandra and Mildred W. Sciandra to Stefanie S. Zakowicz and Martin J. Zakowicz.

Andrew H. Payor and Tracie J. Payor to Veronica J. Beason and Maurice E. Moroze.

South Thomaston

Donald O. Simpson to David Bordetsky.

Rockland Savings Bank FSB and Mary Clifford to Rockland Savings Bank FSB.

St George

Jean A. Russman to Karen Lynn McPadden, Cynthia Jean Holthouse and Kathryn Ann Stanley.

Maude Robin McCoy to Anna B. McCoy.

Linda D. Haupt to Theodore A. Pine and Susan M. Murphy.

Carol O. Schulte Tr. and Carol O. Schulte Revocable Trust to Carol O. Schulte.

Carol O. Schulte to Carol O. Schulte Tr., Richard L. Nixon Tr. and RNCS Revocable Trust.

Richard F. Eichacker and Suzanne S. Eichacker to Stephen K. Eichacker and Cynthia E. Dreher.

David C. Morey and Amy C. Morey to Robert M. Briggs and Nancy I. Briggs.

Marilynn D. Wellington Est. to A. David Wellington, Sara W. Netski, Steven N. Wellington and James T. Wellington.

George C. Hall and Sons Inc. to Leslie C. Hyde and Anne E. Cogger.


Rockland Savings Bank FSB to Elizabeth K. Bull and Samuel M. Ladley.


Eleanor L. McAllister Est. to Margaret J. Richardson and Linda L. McAllister.


Lorraine M. Alley Est. to Kenneth Alley.


Carl B. Erickson Sr. Est to Ruth Smith and Elton Smith.

Rockland Savings Bank FSB, Michael Strom and Dawn Strom to Rockland Savings Bank FSB.

Rockland Savings Bank FSB to William S. Bird.

Green Tree Servicing LLC. to Shannon M. King.

Charles C. Wasgatt Tr. and Wesley N. Wasgatt Trust to Wesley Wasgatt, Matthew Wasgatt, Rowland Wasgatt, Kevin Hoffer, Mary Faulk, Jeff Hoffer, Michael Wasgatt and Kristin Hoffer.


Leslie M. Luce and Joyce C. Luce to Kasandra L. Foster and Justin Foster.

Georgia Reitano and Georgia Aspen to Wade Bartlett.

Judith G. Schmidt Est. to Paul D. Schmidt and Sarah L. Schmidt.