While Santa’s elves are busy making toys in the workshop the reindeer are eating crops of carrots and resting up for a night of deliveries and the jolly old elf is busy reading his e-mail inbox at villagesoup.com

We created a direct link to the North Pole for your letters, which was posted on villagesoup.com and sent to Santa.

The following letters were sent to Santa and are reprinted here exactly as they were written:


Age: 2

Gift 1: ciccbelloo doll

Gift 2: unicorn pillow pet

Gift 3: scooby doo movies



Age: 9

Gift 1: a new baby alive

Gift 2: a barbie house

Gift 3: a baby high chair

dear santa i want for christmas is new baby stuff for my dolls a barbie house please come to my house this year santa


Age: 5

Gift 1: Pink Unicorn

Gift 2: Lalaloopsy

Gift 3: art stuff

I hav ben good this year. I will leve cookies and milk for you.


Age: 18 months

Gift 1: Jake to stop eating my snacks when I’m not looking

Gift 2: Scout to stop taking my toys when I’m not home

Gift 3: Mom & Dad to fill my room with John Deere tractors

Merry Christmas to you Santa, and to my Grammy, Papa and Mamie! PS: 100 brand new binkys would be nice too! PSS: and if Elmo could come to supper some night, that would be fun!


Age: 7

Gift 1: Golf Clubs

Gift 2: Flat Stanley Books

Gift 3: Legos

Dear Santa, I hope that you and the reindeer are doing well. I would like golf clubs, Flat Stanley Books and Legos. Please say hi to Rudolph for me. Merry Christmas! Love, Noah


Gift 1: Kung Zhu Pets & Armor

Gift 2: Star Wars Legos

Gift 3: World of Warcraft Action Figure

Dear Santa, I would like Kung Zhu Pets & Armor, Star Wars Legos, and a World of Warcraft Action Figure. Elliot


Age: 4

Gift 1: Lala Loopsy Doll

Gift 2: Leapster

Gift 3: Barbie Doll

Dear Santa, Mommy says I have been a very good girl this year, so she told me to write to you and let you know what I am wishing for for christmas. I have helped my mommy with my litter sister, I feed the dog every morning and I even like doing dishes with mommy. I hope that you visit me this year. Thank you very much for your time Santa, I know you are very busy. ~Isabella


Age: 2

Gift 1: Lala Loopsy Doll

Gift 2: Doll House

Dear Santa, I have been a good littel girl this year. I really want a purple lala loopsy doll. I would also like a big pink doll house just like my big sisters. She’s been good to this year santa, she playes with me and helps me do thing so I hope you can bring her some toys. Thank you Santa for listening! ~Sophie


Age: 12

Gift 1: a new pink pony set

Gift 2: a barbie car that sings

Gift 3: baby clothes

Dear santa ive been good this year. please stop at my house i will have cookies and milk out for you


Age: 46

Gift 1: The only present I want is a job for me and all the others who are unemployed.

Dear Santa, All my friends and I want who are unemployed for Christmas is a job. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy with “Bells and Whistles” We just need to support our families and our animals (who are part of our families so we don’t have to give them up). We are all hard working, don’t mind long days, nights, weekends, or holiday hours. We can multi-task like you wouldn’t believe, are honest, and have as many skills as I believe your elves have combined, if not more. We are open minded and are willing to learn. And are very good with people, animals, children, computers, and telephones. Soooooo if you have any connections that could help all or some of us get a job. We would deeply appreciate it. Yours forever, Wendy & The Others who are unemployed and still looking for a job! P.S. I’m relieved and glad to see that all of you still have a job at the North Pole. P.S.S. I’ll still leave the homemade cookies and fruit and veggie trail mix out for the reindeer. Somethings you just shouldn’t cut back on. Enjoy your flight…


Age: 3

Gift 1: Play-doh fun facotry

Gift 2: Play-dog

Gift 3: Moon Sand

Hi Santa I have been on the nice list all year, I really want the fun factory for Christmas. Thanks Timmy


Age: 8

Gift 1: Five Cats and Five Kittens

Gift 2: Batteries for all my toys

Gift 3: Cool talking action figure

Dear Santa, How many elves do you have? And a happy Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! We have been very good. Your friend, Corbin


Age: 5

Gift 1: Sparkly Princess Dress with Roses

Gift 2: Rainbow Chalk

Gift 3: Toy Kitten

Dear Santa, My name is Maggie. I like your elves. I also like your shiny sled. Is there a real Rudolph? Feliz Navidad, Maggie


Age: 8

Gift 1: Legos

Gift 2: Xbox 360

Gift 3: Bellatrix Lestrange dagger

Dear Santa How are you and your reindeer? I have been pretty good this year. I will leave cookies and carrots and milk.Razor sparks scooter.Farmville cash.Thank you. P.S. DS games, WII games and Mini bike. Love Donny


Age: 6

Gift 1: barbie airplane

Gift 2: barbie hotel

Gift 3: pillow pet

Santa, I believe in Christmas, I believe I’ve been a good girl this year and I have a few other things that I’d like to have and they are, a collection of my little ponies, mermaid ponies with the castle, please send me a box of ariel and her family toys. I’m going to do a good deed with my momma and we are going to purchase a gift off the tree and make someone elses christmas extra special and make it come true. I hope you see many good boys and girls, I wish you a merry christmas and a Happy new year, Santa, Hohohoho, Love Mara


Age: 10

Gift 1: American Girl doll

Gift 2: ipod touch

Gift 3: puppy

Dear Santa, Are you real? My friends tell that you’re not real but I do not believe them. Please write back to me. I tried to be good this year but sometimes I fight with my little niece. love, Lillian


Age: 2 1/2

Gift 1: truck

Gift 2: tractor

Gift 3: dirt bike

Dear Santa, I am 2 1/2. I like trucks, tractors, dirt bikes and Bob the builder. I put my tree up with mommy and daddy and can’t wait to see what you bring. Thank you for being such a good santa. Merry Christmas, Noah


Age: 8 months

Gift 1: Thomas the train

Gift 2: elmo

Gift 3: cars

This is my first Christmas. I have been a good boy and I eat all my veggies and fruits. I will leave you some cookies and milk for you to enjoy. Love always, Willard (Little Bill)


Age: 7

Gift 1: fur real animal

Gift 2: barbies

Gift 3: play atm machine

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year. At least I have tried to be good but sometimes it hasn’t been that easy for me at times. But, please forgive me for the times that I have been a little naughty. Hope that you have a good flight this yaer and drive that sleigh carefully.


Age: 2 3/4

Gift 1: A baby

Gift 2: crayons

Gift 3: Make up

Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl this year. I am very helpful at home and school; I am also very nice to my friends all the time. love always, Izabella


Age: 2

Gift 1: purple balloon with a string

Gift 2: lala loopsey doll

Gift 3: playdoh

Dear santa, I have been a good girl and can’t wait for christmas. I would like most of all for my baby brother to come out and play with me. I will make you milk and cookies and leave carrots for your reindeer. Thank you, Haley

Emma Leigha

Age: 5

Gift 1: Wii

Gift 2: Barbie Fashion Fairytale Doll

Gift 3: a Horse!

Dear Santa, I moved to New Mexico! Don’t try to go to my house in Maine! I won’t be there. I love you Santa and I hope your reindeer are doing good, I would like to meet them one day! Love, Emma!


Age: 7

Gift 1: Helicopter

Gift 2: DS I

Gift 3: Hamster

Dear Santa, I have been learning alot in school this year. I have been good for my mom and dad and my brother and sister. Be safe while delivering the christmas toys to all us boys and girls. I will have cookies and milk waiting for you.


Age: 5

Gift 1: remote control four wheeler

Gift 2: monster trucks

Gift 3: books

I can’t wait to you get hear. Love Dominick


Age: 3

Gift 1: barbie dress

Gift 2: christmas doll

Gift 3: dress up clothes

Dear Santa, I love you. Please bring me the very best presents. My sister Stella wants a doll and a gift. BYE BYE SANTA!


Age: 7

Gift 1: Snow Board

Gift 2: I Pad

Gift 3: DSI

I like your Reindeers and your presents.


Age: 7

Gift 1: I Pad

Gift 2: Clock

Gift 3: watch

How are you doing?I like your Santa house. Thank you for my presents.


Age: 9

Gift 1: Cell Phone

Gift 2: Laptop

Gift 3: Super Mario Bros

I hope all the kids in the world get lots of presents.

Christy Ann

Age: 5

Gift 1: Metal Detector

Gift 2: A baby Star Song Big Head Pony

Gift 3: And a kitten that will love me

Dear Santa, I would like to also have three cat bowls, a horse mouth thing and a saddle. I also, just need to tell you that Bubby is naughty. So, is he on the naughty list or the good list? We have a rudolph toy and we would like the girl Rudolph for Christmas. We got a mysterious Christmas tree problem. We don’t know who brought it and DaDa was at work so we think the Nisser’s brought it because they are tricky and we saw their footprints. We have a stocking on Saucer’s bed in the cellar and it has a towel and food in it , he is a cat…he is a good cat because he catches mice and rats. And please Santa can you bring Frankie a new coat? He needs one for when he shovels his long, long driveway. Love Christy ann

Clara Althea “Sissy”

Age: 4

Gift 1: A girl reindeer called Clarice

Gift 2: More Bitty clothes and a double stroller

Gift 3: A toy for Bitty and this many shoes and slippers for Bitty

Dear Santa, I suck my thumb. I got tons of cookies for you at the library Christmas party and I put them in my goodie bag and brought them right home and put them on a plate for you so they would be ready. And Bitty wants a pink music thing. And that is all I can say. Love, Sissy Lou Who

Bubby “Oliver”

Age: 2 1/2

Gift 1: pink present

Gift 2: a toy in a box

Gift 3: A DaDa hat

Dear Santa, HO!HO!HO! I might scream when you come into my house. All the crabby lobsters are gone from the store…they take em from there. I am going to do a color for you Santa. And can you bring Brown Baby a present for Christmas? She needs a toy. Love, Oliver “Bubby” Nils Christensen

Connor B.

Age: 4

Gift 1: Talking Garbage Truck

Gift 2: Guitar

Gift 3: Treats for my sister Gracie

Dear Santa, My name is Connor B. I have been a very good boy this year. I want the noisy garbage truck, guitar that is LOUD, and treats for my dog/sister. You can leave em under neath my real tree in my bedroom, we cut it down in our woods. Oh yeah I have been good again this year…please don’t forget my sister Gracie she hasn’t gotten into the garbage. I will leave cookies and milk, and carrots for your reindeer with the peelings on. Merry Christmas, Santa!


Age: 6

Gift 1: Matchboxes

Gift 2: Legos

Gift 3: Starwars Battleship

Dear Santa, My name is Austin and I would like for christmas is matchboxes,legos, and a starwars battleship. i have been a good boy this year..i will be leaving milk can cookies for you and carrots for the raindeer at my mom and dads house.


Age: 10

Gift 1: a wii game called babysitting mama

Gift 2: a movie called broken brigdes

Gift 3: a justin bieber cd

i will leave cookies and milk for u and carrots for the raindeer


Age: 8

Gift 1: a wii

Gift 2: a paper jam

Gift 3: an i pod

Dear santa, I have been trying my hardest in school and at home. I would really like to open these gifts at christmas. Im doing girl scouts and learning to be honest. I will leave you oreos and milk and carrots for the reindeer!!!


Age: 1

Gift 1: baby dolls

Gift 2: hair clips

Gift 3: clothes

Santa I have been a busy little girl crawling around so my mommy and sister are helping send my christmas wishes to you. I know that you are busy and I like to visit your station often for my candy cane. I hope to see my new toys christmas morning. Be safe santa!!!! We ll leave you lots of cookies and milk!!!


Age: 4

Gift 1: paper jam

Gift 2: four wheelers/ bikes

Gift 3: games

Santa hi my name is Dylan. I am writing to tell you that I love you! I cant wait for christmas to open all my nice things from you. I have been a good boy and am trying really hard at my goals. I will sprinkle oatmeal and glitter for the reindeer to see where they are going and leave them carrots! I will leave you a bunch of goodies!


Age: 9

Gift 1: snowboard

Gift 2: duck hunter R/C

Gift 3: anything else you would like to bring

Dear Santa, I you could please bring me the above toys. I have been good and I help out at home a lot. Mom says not to ask for much cause you have to help many families. Thanks Santa And dont forget my 2 cats Garfield and Odie Sincerely, Matthew K


Age: 10

Gift 1: hot tub

Gift 2: Joey Logano shirt

Dear Santa Mom is writing this since I have a disability and dont know how. I really want a hot tub but Mom says that is too much to ask for, it would help my back and legs though. I want a shotgun (toy) that my little brother broke a long time age. Thank you Ho HO man for all you do. your friend Mike


Age: 3

Gift 1: Snowmobile

Gift 2: Tools

Gift 3: Iron Man Robot

Dear Santa, This year is my first year of school and I’ve been a good boy and doing good in class. Mommy, daddy, Spencer, and I are going to leave you cookies on Christmas Eve. I hope you like them. Love, Isaac P


Age: 8

Gift 1: Fish tank

Gift 2: a pig pillow pet

Gift 3: Orbeez

Dear Santa I hope you are doing well. I have been sorta good this year. I hope that you will do your best to get what is on my list. Tell the eleves I said hi. I will be sure to leave you some snacks. Love Alyssa


Age: 7

Gift 1: Bakugon battle statio

Gift 2: DS games

Gift 3: Pokemon cards

Dear Santa, can you ask mrs. clause and the elves to make a dsi for me. aj has has been so good too. aj would really wants the dance star mickey mouse for christmas. Love justin


Age: 4

Gift 1: mickey mouse

Gift 2: thomas trains

Gift 3: teady bears

Dear santa, my name is aj i am a 4 yr old boy and i love mickey mouse. I love his movies, toys, and blankets. I like thomas the train too. Love aj


Age: 4

Gift 1: Barbie and the Fashion Fairytale doll

Gift 2: A hippo stuffy

Dear Santa, I wish you a Merry Christmas. How are your Reindeer? I have been a good girl. We will leave you cookies, and carrots for your reindeer. Love, Natalie


Age: 3

Gift 1: Dora Necklace

Gift 2: books

Gift 3: doll

Hi Santa, I have been a good girl this year.I will leave you cookies and milk.,and carrots for your reideer.My mom would also like earrings,and A purse.Love ya,Kendyl


Age: 2

Gift 1: Raindeer

Gift 2: Diago & monkeys

Gift 3: crockadial

Dear Santa, I was a good girl and will leave you some cookies and milk. Love, Elora


Age: 9

Gift 1: art supplies

Gift 2: clothes

Gift 3: vidio games

dear santa i know i might not get what i want but if i could get at least one thing i would really like it


Age: 9

Gift 1: dolls

Gift 2: clothes

Gift 3: coloring books

dear santa i know i can’t get everything i wanted but if i can’t get what i asked for could i please get a complete snowsuit set for christmas


Age: 6

Gift 1: legos

Gift 2: video games

Gift 3: clothes

dear santa i wish i had what i could get what i ask for but if not thats ok i will also like a complete snowsuit set with boots and gloves


Age: 37

Gift 1: earrings

Gift 2: a laptop

Gift 3: boots

Dear Santa I have been good Heidi


Age: 5

Gift 1: Tool Set

Gift 2: ATM

Gift 3: Pool Barbie w/ Puppy

Have a Merry Christmas and let your elves know that I said Hi and Merry Christmas and let you know that my friend Natalie would alot presents too. We have both been very good. Love you Santa and I love Christmas. Your elves do good on presents!!


Age: 5 1/2

Gift 1: Polly Pocket

Gift 2: Unicorn Pillow Pet

Gift 3: Bike

Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. My brother and I will leave cookies and milk for you and carrots for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. Please come to my house. I love you! Thank you!


Age: 2 1/2

Gift 1: Bike

Gift 2: Helmet

Gift 3: Monkey Pillow Pet

Dear Santa, I’ve been pretty good this year although I’m starting my terrible twos! We will leave you cookies & milk and carrots. Thank you. Love Joshy


Age: 4.5

Gift 1: Tonka Garage Ricochet RC

Gift 2: Iron Man toys

Gift 3: Wii games

Dear Santa, I would like alot of presents this year. I have been good and a little bad too. I would like a Tonka Ricochet RC Iron Man toys Cars Wii game Sled I will leave Reindeer food for your reindeers and I will leave you cookies and milk. I love you Santa!


Age: 4

Gift 1: crayon maker

Gift 2: bigger high heels

Gift 3: barbie doll

Dear Santa, I have been good all year. I have been good to my brother, I help out and love him very much. I love school and I like to play with my friends. I will have some cookies made and carrots for your reindeer. I hope rudolph will be on your sleigh, because he is my favorite, although I like them all. Merry Christmas love, Morgan C.


Age: 3

Gift 1: big monster truck

Gift 2: dora present

Gift 3: big present

I am a good little boy. I love you santa.


Age: 4

Gift 1: excavater toy

Gift 2: Legos

Gift 3: rc truck

Hi santa, I have been a very good boy. I love to build with lego’s.


Age: 8


Gift 2: WII GUN




Age: 10






Age: 6

Gift 1: my little pony collection

Gift 2: my little pony mermaids

Gift 3: barbie airplane

Dear Santa, I believe that I have been good this year and so I’m asking for some toys. I tried to do what I’m supposed to do and so I hope that you will bring me some gifts. I hope you have a merry christmas. Oh and I will leave you cookies and milk on Christmas eve and I hope you have a safe trip. Love, Mara Wellman


Age: 9

Gift 1: halo reach x box game

Gift 2: new football

Gift 3: wes welker jersey

i love football.


Age: 10

Gift 1: new coloring things

Gift 2: nali art

Gift 3: pizzles/games

Hi Santa. This year the thing I want the most is to spend time with family and firends. I would also like my grammother to get better and same for my friend Brad-Jo. I would like some other things for christmas and I don’t konw what but I konw that it will be something I like cuz you have ben wathing me all year. That would just be grate. Thank you Santa. from:Miranda


Age: 4

Gift 1: Tinkerbell Mirror, not a big one, a little one, ok?

Gift 2: New Markers and Crayons.

Gift 3: Unicorn Pillow Pet

Dear Santa, I am very excited about Christmas. Please bring Livie a bone. And something for Mama and Dada. I will leave out some milk and cookies for you. Love, Raven


Age: 2

Gift 1: Caillou stuff

Gift 2: Mr. Stinky

Gift 3: Pillow Pet

Dear Santa, I have been a really good boy this year I’ve helped out with my baby sister, daddy with the firewood and mommy with house chores!! What I would like to see under my christmas tree that I helped decorate are caillou stuff, Mr.Stinky, and a pillow pet! I will leave you and the reindeer a special something near the tree! P.S. Please try not to wake my sissa up! Love Jaycob W.


Age: 8 Months

Gift 1: Dolls

Gift 2: Pillow pet

Gift 3: Earrings

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year! I would like to have some new dolls to play with, a pillow pet to lay my pretty little head on, and new earrings to show off. This is my 1st year of meeting you but my brother has told me so much about you!! We will leave you some goodies! Love Ashlyn


Age: 15

Gift 1: ipod touch

Gift 2: Manicure and Pedicure Certificate

Gift 3: pay for a Hotel room for 2 days (single room)

Hello Santa I am kaelyn. I have 5 brothers and sisters who live with me and a single mom. she doesnt have a job. we are poor. and wont get to much this christmas. I would really apriciate anything you give me. I would like to get something for my mom. She really deserves it. ALOT she goes threw alot and every christmas I cant buy her anything because i never have any money but i was looking on this website and saw this and thought YAYAYAYAY!! maybe this can help me.And for my number one choice I put ipod touch because she loves her music and if you got her that for me it would be the best. She has the really old nano the one from like 4 years ago. she really needs a ipod touch. it would make her so happy!! 😀 PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME. PLEASE


Age: 10

Gift 1: make up kit

Gift 2: nail salon station

Gift 3: bike

Dear Santa, For christmas i would really like a new bike and some make up. my mom and dad cant get anything for christmas because money is tight so i hope you can bring me what i want. Love Kayla