Rockland firefighters battled a stubborn chimney fire for more than two hours at 5 Lake Ave. in Rockland on the afternoon of Dec. 22.

Assistant Fire Chief Adam Miceli said the home had a woodstove inserted into the fireplace, and creosote fell down into an area that was difficult to access. This made it a challenge for firefighters to get the dry chemical extinguisher onto the fire, he said.

Smoke was getting into the house through the chimney walls. Miceli said for that reason, firefighters wanted to ensure the fire was out. They extinguished the fire in the woodstove, and removed it from the home.

Miceli said there was no apparent structural damage to the home, but the chimney is questionable.

The assistant fire chief said measures to prevent chimney fires include using dry, seasoned wood, having chimneys inspected annually, and following codes. He said the Rockland Fire Department will inspect fireplaces and woodstoves to check for safety and code requirements. He said the Rockland Fire Department responds to 10-15 chimney fires at this time of year.