The trustees and patrons of the Warren Free Public Library honored long-time librarian Carolyn Wiley with the dedication of a garden bench in her name this past Warren Day.

Wiley served the library for 30 years, undoubtedly the longest tenure in the library’s long history. Pam Carey, president of the Board of Trustees, presided at the dedication ceremony, which was attended by many, many family members and townspeople. Bev Williamson, a library trustee, spoke of many memories and stories of when Wiley served as librarian. Wiley, herself, enlightened guests with many funny stories and changes that occurred during her time there.

The garden bench was a true labor of love on the part of several Warren residents and craftspeople. The bench’s two heavy metal ends, found in Pen and Bev Williamson’s barn, were originally part of a railroad waiting bench. Library trustee Erica Crane coordinated the efforts of Sterling Norwood, Bob Williams, and Jay Sawyer for the sandblasting and painting of the metal ends, new wooden seat and reinforcement pieces to create the new bench. A plaque honoring Wiley’s service was also added. Dick Ferrin, a library trustee, prepared the site into which Mainely Concrete poured the bench’s solid foundation.

Since its placement on the library’s front lawn it has been in constant use by book readers, laptop computer users, and simply a place to sit and talk with friends.

The Trustees of The Warren Free Public Library are sincerely grateful for Wiley’s dedicated service to the library and its patrons for so many years.

Many thanks also to the townspeople who helped with the creation and construction of the new garden bench.