Sue Barter, a medical assistant at Pen Bay Internal Medicine, is the Pen Bay Healthcare Employee of the Month for November 2010.

Barter is an indispensible, loyal and helpful woman who does not hesitate to go above and beyond on a daily basis, according to her supervisor and co-workers. As important, her coworkers say, Barter receives high marks from the patients she sees as the medical assistant to Dr. Kristen Staples.

The form nominating Barter for this recognition and the accompanying documentation is full of superlatives. Barter’s coworkers have many positive things to say about her, including:

Barter puts her patients first, responding promptly to patient phone calls and makes sure Dr. Staples has the patient information she needs. She demonstrates her respect for Pen Bay patients and her co-workers by dressing and acting professionally, in person and on the telephone.

In addition, she has volunteered to be the practice Safety Officer, conducting detailed monthly inspections which she reviews with the practice manager. And as she strives to make her workplace better for everyone, during a recent team-building exercise at Pen Bay Internal Medicine, Barter presented her own version of an appropriate task list to better and more efficiently work one-on-one with medical providers. Her ideas have been put into use.

Upon hearing that Barter had been nominated for employee of the month, one of her co-workers wrote: “She brings her A game to work each and every day and others can look to her to see how commitment and dedication make every work day a positive experience.”

“She is a beacon of light and an excellent example,” the co-worker wrote.

Barter splits her time between family homes in Warren and Union and is raising her 3-year-old grandchild. She enjoys cooking and time with family.