On Saturday, Jan. 8, Real Food Institute of Midcoast Maine will put on a workshop that celebrates the art of butchering.

This knife and hands-on event will explore the finer points of butchery. In two hours, the class will break down a half hog into cuts that are ready for preparation and consumption. Master Butcher Steve Campbell will lead the group through a discussion of the trade-offs, challenges, and opportunities that are presented to a butcher who is faced with a half pig. Campbell will discuss how certain cuts are typically prepared, and how the animal can be honored by utilizing various parts, beyond the chop.

Real Food Institute of Midcoast Maine is a nonprofit whose mission is to build and sustain a local food economy through farm-to-fork, ocean-to-plate product development, distribution, and education. The organization grew out of a community-based effort in Waldoboro aimed at redeveloping the town as a regional food hub. The class will take place at Spears’ farm in Nobleboro.

The pig is a local, all natural, pasture-raised pig from Three Little Pigs Family Farm in Woolwich. The class is intended to appeal to homesteaders who raise pigs and are interested in being able to speak more proficiently with their butchers, consumers who wish to buy locally raised whole and half pigs, chefs who are interested in furthering their butchering skills or knowledge, or the curious who simply have an interest in becoming better acquainted with their food.

For more information, call Patrick Wright, 521-4690, or e-mail: realfoodinstitute@gmail.com.