The mother of an inmate who attempted suicide more than a year ago at the Knox County Jail has gone to court to get records on previous similar incidents at the county facility.

Cathy Penn of Waldoboro filed the appeal in Knox County Superior Court under the state’s Freedom of Access law on behalf of her son Matthew Lalli.

Lalli had been at the jail for two days when on Oct. 5, 2009, he attempted to hang himself. He suffered serious and permanent injuries, according to the legal papers filed by his mother, and he is being treated at Lakeview Neurological Rehabilitation in Effingham, N.H.

Her son had repeatedly and clearly articulated his intention to commit suicide, Penn stated in the lawsuit.

The appeal notes that the county declined to provide her with the floor plan for the jail or information related to other suicide attempts or suicides at the Knox County Jail. The county responded by noting that information was confidential under law.

The Penn lawsuit, however, states that she — through her attorney Geraldine Sanchez of Portland — offered to sign a confidentiality agreement or to accept records that redact any identifying information on specific inmates but that there was no response from the county.

State law allows people to go to Superior Court to appeal a denial or non-response of government records that a person considers public.

The appeal names Sheriff Donna Dennison and County Administrator Andrew Hart.

The appeal was filed Tuesday, Dec. 14.