Chilton Knudsen, retired Episcopal bishop of Maine, co-author of a book on clergy addiction, will preach at St. Thomas’ Church, Camden on the Fourth Sunday of Advent, Dec. 19, at both 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. services.

Her book “So You Think You Don’t Know One: Addiction and Recovery in Clergy and Congregations, ” will be available for purchase and signings at both morning services.

Addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, gambling, or power, ensnares individuals and is destructive to those around them. Clergy unfortunately are not immune, and their problems can destabilize the congregations they serve.

Knudsen, while serving as Canon for Pastoral Care in the Diocese of Chicago, worked with clergy and congregations in crisis. Her co-author Nancy Platt, is a former medical technologist and Rector of St. Matthew’s in Hallowell. They use specific case studies in their book to illustrate how various addictive processes in clergy and lay leaders inevitably cause congregational dysfunction. The book also describes how congregations can enter into their own recovery towards health and joy as truths are told and new patterns of interaction are adopted.

Former presiding Bishop Frank Griswold praises the book, in a press release: “The authors set out a path for clergy and congregations toward the liberating mindfulness that overcomes denial, and opens the way to the healing and transforming power of grace and truth”.

Bishop Knudsen has also written extensively in the field of Ignatian spirituality, trauma recovery and congregational development. She is one of the authors of “Restoring the Soul of the Church.” In retirement, she continues a ministry of healing and consultation, including service as a missionary and advocate for Haiti, from her home in Bath.

For more information call St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, 33 Chestnut St. in Camden, 236-3680.