A big thank you to everyone who attended our “Ornaments for Animals” fundraiser at Prism Gallery and Restaurant last Thursday. It was a wonderful evening, and another thank you to the hardworking committee that put it all together: Leslie Eaton, Diane Sturgeon, Ginny Richards, Lisa Sojka and Madison and the crew at Prism, and all our volunteers who baked cookies and worked the day of the event.

Our new administrative director, Lisa Dresser, joined us on Monday. Please stop by and say hello.

We’re getting to the crunch, people. We still have 22 black-and-white or black kittens and cats left (five of our lovelies went to new homes over the past week—yes!) and Your Price Is Right through the end of the year, which is coming fast.

Speaking of Christmas, cats and dogs have hung their stockings (with a little help from their friends) and are waiting with high hopes for Santa’s helpers to come and fill them with toys and treats. No one must go without a gift this Christmas. Be a Santa’s helper yourself and come and wish our beautiful boarders a happy holiday. By the way, we told you the other day that we discuss the personalities of the cats we highlight in the column with absolute confidence that we are right because the staff has told us so. And how do they know? They love these little creatures, and watching them with a tender and observant eye they see all the things that makes each one special. The only thing that makes them happier than seeing their charges safe and warm and well-fed is seeing them go to a forever home of their own. Don’t disappoint them, please.

As the weather starts to cool down—heck, as it gets cold—don’t forget to make sure that your furry friends are warm. Your cats won’t stay out long, as they know where love and warmth awaits them, but if your dogs insist on hanging around the doghouse make sure you’ve put blankets or hay—or, better yet, both—out there to keep them snug. Be especially careful to make sure that the water in their bowls hasn’t frozen, and don’t let them stay out for long periods of time. Frankly, we keep our own rascals inside a lot more during the winter, and we think they like being safe and warm as much as we like not worrying about them.

Speaking of rascals, here are some:

Darcy is a petite little 1-year-old beauty who loves to be held. And who wouldn’t love holding her? In addition to being beautiful, she is sweet and affectionate and altogether a very special girl.

Pearson is one of the handsomest gentlemen you are ever likely to lay eyes on. And to go along with his killer good looks he is very affectionate and companionable. Don’t let him get away.

Simon is one of our favorite fellows. And he’s been here at the shelter for long enough. He needs a home where he can have the peace, quiet, time and love he needs to come out of his shell. We’ve seen the wonderful cat that hides behind Simon’s shyness, and he is a darling. All he needs is the right person, and we know that person is out there.

On our wish list: dry cat food, canned dog and cat food, non-clumping litter, paper towels, paper plates and dog and cat toys. With the New Year closer than ever, think about resolving to give the shelter folks a helping hand with cleaning the cat rooms, taking cats to the banks (our primary source of adoptions) and the vets, helping with Pat-A-Pet or walking the dogs. We can always use an extra dozen or so pair of hands, and hearts.

Once again, thanks to all the people who use www.goodsearch.com as their search engine. Every time we mention it, attendance shoots up, and every time someone uses it to search, CRARL gets a donation.

Please visit us at the shelter at 146 Camden St. in Rockport from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. And our website at www.crarl.org is never closed! And as always, thank you for spending a few minutes with us and our gorgeous gaggle.