Friends of Midcoast Maine announces the release of a free DVD slide show as part of its 10th Anniversary Annual Appeal. The DVD features reflections and comments from people who live and work in the many fields in the Midcoast that make it a thriving, vibrant region. These include people in locally owned businesses, farming, working waterfront and boat building, youth, downtowns, planning, and community engagement.

The 14 minute DVD, laced with scenic photos and lively music, includes testimonials on the beauty and the affection for this area; future growth and development; and the importance of community engagement and sound planning.

Fran Wheeler-Berta, who works with young people at The Rig in downtown Camden, noted “I love the ocean… the opportunity for hiking… watching my children walk to school.” Todd French at French and Webb Boat Builders in Belfast noted “It’s a very vibrant place to work…I feel very proud to live in this area.” Susan Porter, owner of Maine Coast Bookstore in Damariscotta said, “It has everything that appeals to me about a place to live. It has natural beauty; it has a really nice community feel about it.” Department store owner Bob Reny summed up everyone’s sentiments: “It is nice to realize that the place you grew up in and the place you lived your whole life is one of the best places around.”

In the discussions about the importance of community engagement and sound planning, Community Planner Evan Richert noted “Not growing at all is expensive. Communities deteriorate, they come undone…. But unthoughtful growth, growth at any cost, in fact has alot of cost also.” Roger Moody, former Camden Town Manager, commented “The people will find their own answers,” addressing the need for full community engagement and public process.

Other testimonials include Buzz Pinkham from Pinkham’s Plantation in Damariscotta, Morning Dew Farm owner Brady Hatch from Newcastle and citizen planner Barbara Gould from Lincolnville.

Friends of Midcoast Maine will be mailing 1,000 copies of the free DVDs to its members and supporters with its annual appeal letter. Additional copies are available upon request and make great holiday gifts. For more information visit or call 236-1077.