Lincolnville Police Chief Ron Young and members of the American Legion Camden Post 30 conducted a dedication ceremony by placing a wreath on the veterans monument in Lincolnville Center Dec. 7.

Robin Botley of Lincolnville wrote and delivered a speech thanking past veterans and reminding people to remember those still serving today.

Botley’s speech is below:

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,

As you know my name is Robin Botley. I would like to thank you for coming today. I would like to say a special thank you to Corporal Ronald Rainfrette for allowing me the opportunity to begin my journey as the caretaker of the War Memorial Christmas Wreath Ceremony. I have asked Commander Ronald Rainfrette for the responsibility of purchasing two wreaths and performing and honorary ceremony during our holiday seasons.

It is important for us to not just remember our fallen heroes on holidays like Memorial Day or Veterans Day. We need to remember to honor our soldiers and vets every day. This is an opportunity to do that and remember not only those soldiers who have fallen but the ones who are still serving our country and are away from their families this holiday season.

I encourage you all to visit a currently retired or widowed vet family this holiday season. Bring them a plate of cookies or pie and thank them for their sacrifice spending the holidays without their loved ones.

Just as Christ sacrificed his life to protect us, so have the fallen heroes we honor here today.

Thank you and God bless you this holiday season.”