Rockport Public Library has mounted an art exhibition by the students from Ashwood Waldorf School. “Watercolor Paintings of the North American Continent” and “Arrowhead Village” will remain on view through Saturday, Dec. 18 at the library, 1 Limerock St.

The watercolor art is the work of fifth graders Emmett Acosta, Mia Cobourn, Isabella DeJoy, Grace Kemberling, Hugh Levitt, Elliot Matlack, Simon Morin and Joergen Ostensen. Laura Purdom, the teacher of this class, led a study on geography and continents that resulted in these vibrant paintings.

“Making the wet-on-wet watercolor maps of the continent of North America shown here gave us a chance to approach the topic from the point of view of color — to feel the vastness of the surrounding oceans and the general ‘bowl-like’ shape of the continent with its mountain ranges in the east and west,” said Purdom.

Along with the North American watercolors, the library also is exhibiting beeswax modeling by the third graders at Ashwood. These students modeled “Arrowhead Village,” a complete Indian village filled with teepees, canoes and cornstalks to coincide with their study of shelters. According to the students, many Indian stories inspired them in their work on this village. The teacher of this class is Jayashree Kalmath and the students who worked on this exhibit are Sophie Erickson, Norbert Ferrero, Michael Frampton, Kate Kemper, Andrew Levitt, Jasper Louden, Samuel Luft, Andrew McBride, Katherine McCue, Frances Ostensen, Ezekial Reilly, Annika Reinwand, Rachel Sizeler-Fletcher and Kassandra Slowey.

The paintings are displayed in the Children’s Room and “Arrowhead Village” is on exhibit near the front desk. The library is open Mondays through Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (to 8 p.m. Wednesdays).

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