Kicking off at 10 a.m. on Dec. 1, local emergency responders and Penobscot Bay Medical Center staff will participate in a low-key drill designed to exercise the hospital’s Mass Casualty Response Procedures.

Drills like this are required periodically as part of the ongoing health care facility accreditation process. Typical mass casualty exercise scenarios result from a single “incident” off site that present emergency responders and the health care system with the challenge of dealing with a large number of victims/patients from a single scene, many with similar injury types.

This drill, like a similar one conducted in 2008, has a dynamic twist; it will feed a large number of victims from multiple “simulated” scenes and scenarios throughout the area each with their own special challenges.

The exercise will be conducted wholly on the grounds of PBMC. Paramedics Chris Knight of Camden First Aid Association and Adam Miceli of Rockland Fire & EMS are the simulation cell (SIM Cell) leaders who will provide the challenges to the hospital staff.

Those monitoring the activity on scanners can expect to hear increased traffic on the local dispatch and medical control frequencies.

The objectives of the exercise include implementation of the PBMC Emergency Plan, establishment of the hospital Command Post, recall and integration of key hospital staff to respond to the local situation, effective triage and diversion decisions, effective internal and external communications, and handling of special needs patients.

Participants include PBMC staff, Camden First Aid Association, Rockland Fire & EMS, the Northeastern Maine Regional Resource Center, Knox County Regional Communications Center, Knox County Sheriff’s Office and the Emergency Management Agency. Simulated “patients” have been drafted from across the area.