The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 15 to Nov. 19 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Forrest R. Brown and Barbara D. Brown to Forrest R. Brown Jr.

Alena M. Pennington to Alena M. Pennington and Douglass S. Pennington Jr.


Laszlo M. Lukacs and Patricia A. Lukacs to Kim D. Trumbull and Kevin M. Trumbull.

Marc A. Felix to Marc A. Felix and Susan Sloane Felix.


Ken Keoughan and Katharina D. Keoughan to David T. Miller and Annelle B. Miller.

Anne Louise Harkins to Frank B. Abel III and Elaine B. Abel.


William A. Cook to William A. Cook and Cynthia C. Fortune Cook.

Andrew K. Larrimore to Andrew K. Larrimore and Nancy L. Larrimore.

Owls Head

Savings Bank of Maine, Leslie J. Raye, Leslie J. Raye Sr. and Nicole M. Raye to Savings Bank of Maine.


Gariel G. Rogers and Charissa J. Rogers to Dustin S. Pease and Joanna M. Pinkham.

Janice LaChance to Susan A. Hall.

McDonalds Corporation to McDonalds Real Estate Company.

Arthur D. Henry to Julie A.Szczech.

Charlotte M. Staples to Sara E. Coppola.


B. Gordon Little to Jeffrey R. Filliter and Catharine M. Filliter.

South Thomaston

Jerry A. Call Tr., Lucinda C. Gelinas Tr. and Robert A. Call Amended Revocable Trust to Jon P. Call, Jerry A. Call and Lucinda C. Gelinas.

St George

Daniel A. Taras to Shirley M. Taras.

Shirley M. Taras to Daniel A. Taras.

Susan W. Francavilla and Gilbert L. Francavilla to Daniel S. Evans and Grace H. Evans.


Marion S. Hall to Jeffrey Woodman and Christina Woodman.


Clairlynn M. Rountree to Clairlynn M. Rountree and Heather M. Jackson.

Edna F. Blake to James K. Blake Jr. and Sharon R. Blake.


Inland Fresh Seafood Corporation of America to Americanus LLC.

Camden National Bank to Joseph H. Martin and Elizabeth N. Martin.


Hope L. Wiley to Malcolm I. Morrill and Penny S. Morrill.

Theresa C. Lash and Richard Lash to Theresa C. Lash.

Dorothy L. Peterson Est. to Clayton F. Chute.