The Islesboro Central School announced its first quarter of the 2010-2011 school year.

The following students made high honors (All A’s):

Grade 5

High Honors: Annika Rogers

Honors: Stephen Crawford, Alexander Howell

Grade 6

High Honors: Olivia Olson

Honors: Sage Kelly, Hayden Wick

Grade 7

High Honors: Cheyenne Houle, Kathryn Snyder

Honors: Emily Bethune, Forrest Boucher, Emma Bowe, Jacob Howell, Bethany Pendleton, Leslie Ryan, Paige Taylor

Grade 8

High Honors: Autumn Johnson, Eva Marie Olson, Krystal Randlett

Honors: Madison Cook, Curtis Hall, Maddison Raynor, Sierra Roy, Brandy Sienkiewicz

Grade 9

High Honors: Mika McKinney

Honors: Cameron Jack, Abby Leidenfrost, Eleanor Snyder

Grade 10

Honors: Davis Boardman, Caitlin Small

Grade 11

Honors: Claire Boucher, Donald Johnson IV, Forest Putnam

Grade 12

High Honors: Michelle Reidy

Honors: Jason Hatch, Blaise Jenner, Olin Jenner, Max Mahan, Gerard Scherr