Make this an Alpaca Christmas with a visit to Blueberry Farm Alpacas, LLC, on Melvin Heights in Camden. In conjunction with New England Alpaca Holiday Tours, the public is invited to visit its family-run alpaca farm on Saturday, Nov. 27 and Saturday, Dec. 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visit an early 1800s farm to welcome in the holiday season by meeting an alpaca herd whose fleeces provide luxurious yarn and roving.

Intelligent and inquisitive, alpaca are known for naturally warm, strong, breathable and durable, luxuriously soft fiber. Some of the 20 natural alpaca fleece colors can be seen in the yarn, roving and fleeces from the farm’s herd. What a wonderful stocking stuffer, introducing the knitter in your family or a friend to a gift of alpaca yarn. Those who are familiar with alpaca will always welcome a gift of this exquisite yarn or an alpaca garment. For those who prefer to experience the luxury of alpaca without the crafting, there are beautiful finished products, hand crafted and imported, including the famous warm and durable alpaca socks.

Dona Lounsbury, Stitches in Time, will show her hand-felted alpaca teddy bears and alpacas as well as other fun felted items. There will be cards by artist Julie Crane, felted Christmas ornaments by Kate Fitzgerald and a fun selection of Stacey Warner’s, Bully Woolies, The Knit Kit in a Box Company, for visitors to choose from. Prepare for spring with alpaca fiber bird nesting balls. They are a great way to help our feathered friends build their nests at springtime. Bolgatanga Baskets woven in Ghana, West Africa, by the indigenous Frafra people, will be on sale to help carry the purchases home.

Owners Abby and John Fitzgerald look forward to meeting all who wish to be introduced to this adorable, interesting animal. Please leave canine friends home; alpacas, like their cousins the llama, do not like dogs.

Directions to the farm can be found on the farm’s web page,