On Nov. 2 and 3, the 13 educators involved in the Quebec-Labrador Foundation’s Questing Program from Miller School, Medomak Middle School, Union Elementary School, Warren Community School, Lincoln Academy’s Alternative Education Program, and Rockland District Middle School attended half-day workshops with Steven Glazer, co-author of the book “Questing: A Guide to Creating Community Treasure Hunts.”

He worked with teachers on direct application of Questing to their classrooms, as well as helping to integrate the information into already set curriculum. He shared a myriad of examples of different Quests that students have created all over the United States, exciting the creativity of the educators to begin the Quest-making process with their students. Glazer supported teachers in making concrete the work they have begun with their students this fall. Over the past few months, fourth to eighth graders and ninth to twelvth graders hit the tributary trails, the forested floodplains, and the working waterfronts of their communities—to go on existing Quests, to explore, write, draw, and talk with experts about the special places of their towns, places that are intimately connected to understanding the health of the local watershed.

The Questing Program is a place-based education program of the Quebec-Labrador Foundation’s Marine Program. Nearly 25 educators in 10 Midcoast schools attended the fully funded three-and-half day Summer Questing Institutes in 2009 and 2010. The Questing Program supports the teaching teams and their students (now over 500 students) during the school year as the groups create their own guided community walks, or Quests.

The Quebec-Labrador Foundation is a 50-year-old bi-national conservation and community service organization committed to supported rural and community based projects. Funding for the Questing Program is made possible through a grant from NOAA’s New England Bay Watershed Education and Training Program. For more information, or to request a brochure for the upcoming, free Questing to Learn Summer 2011 Institute, please contact Anne Stires or Jennifer Atkinson at 832-8109, or visit us online at www.muscongusbay.org.