Penobscot Bay Medical Center has recently implemented a new system to administer patient medications in the safest manner possible.

PBMC’s Bedside Medication Verification system uses barcode scanning technology and important safety checks to assist the nurse in ensuring that patients receive the correct medications during their hospital stay.

Using a handheld non-laser digital imager, a hospital caregiver will scan the patient’s ID bracelet and medication(s). Bedside computers will verify that the ID bracelet information matches the medications the physician has ordered for that patient.

“Our Bedside Medication Verification process is another example of the importance that Pen Bay places on safe, quality patient care,” said Paula Delahanty, vice president for nursing at Pen Bay Healthcare, in a press release. “We will continue to seek out the latest clinical advancements for our community. This is our commitment as part of our Safe Patient and Family-Centered model of care.”