Medomak Valley High School Principal Harold Wilson recognized the October winners of the SAT Team Competition at a full school assembly on Nov. 10. The freshmen winners were Mr. McNelly’s People of Wisdom. The sophomore winners were Mr. Lash’s Backlashers. The senior winners were Ms. Barbour’s Magnificent Seven. The junior league and overall winners were Mrs. Jourdet’s Jabberwocky.

In an effort to increase awareness and scores on the SAT, Medomak Valley began a school-wide competition where PAT advisory groups compete against each other on a weekly basis. Students were allowed to name their PAT teams and came up with some colorful ones including 5M’s, Spider Pigs, Holgerbeast, the Wise Fools and so on.

Each Monday students are given material to study for the week. The material is the same for every student. On Friday students take a brief exam based on the study materials. The results are posted on a bulletin board in the main hall. At the end of each month the PAT groups with the highest average test scores are declared the winner. Students compete in one of four leagues, freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Trophies are awarded to each league’s winning PAT team. The PAT group with the highest overall score is the recipient of the Neil Lash Cup of Excellence that is displayed in the main office along with a photograph of the winning team.

Participation in the SAT Team Competition has been excellent. The students are excited about helping their team win a trophy or the cup, and everyone has been checking the board to see the results as soon as they are posted.

Andrew Cavanaugh, the MVHS assistant principal, has organized the competition and runs the league, but it was longtime educator Neil Lash who came up with the idea as a way to help students raise scores.