The Lincolnville Police Department reported the following activity for the week ending Nov. 6:

Oct. 25 (late entry)

Douglas Wade, 38, of Rockland was summoned for possession of schedule W drug, possession of a usable amount of marijuana and refusing to submit to arrest by Chief Ron Young for an incident which occurred on April 23, 2010, in Lincolnville when Wade was taken into custody by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office on an outstanding warrant after exiting the Islesboro ferry.

Oct. 30

Young is investigating a reported burglary on Belfast Road in which cash and jewelry were taken.

Nov. 2

Young responded to an erratic vehicle complaint on Belfast Road. Young made contact with the driver, who was warned for operation and inspection.

Nov. 3

Officer Brian Lunt responded to a complaint of suspicious activity on Youngtown Road. After investigation, Lunt determined the complaint unfounded.

Rebekah Richards, 27, of Northport was issued a summons for speeding 55 mph in a 40 mph posted zone on Slab City Road by Young.

Lunt responded to an agency assist complaint to the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office for a deer/vehicle property damage accident just over the Lincolnville line on Atlantic Highway in Northport. No injuries were reported and Lunt estimated damage to the vehicle at less than $1,000.

Nov. 4

Young responded to a complaint of several drug paraphernalia items being found on the lawn of private residence on Main Street believed to be in regard to a prior accident.

Young and Lunt responded to a reported burglary on Greenacre Road in which jewelry, prescription drugs and firearms were reported stolen. Anyone with information on either burglary is urged to contact Young at Lincolnville Police Department at 763-3555.

Nov. 5

Young responded to an alarm activation on Woodward Hill. Young determined the alarm unfounded and to have been set off by a housekeeper.

Nov. 6

Officer Curt Andrick responded to a disturbance complaint of shots being fired on Greenacre Road. Andrick determined the shots came from a neighbor target practicing on private property within the 100 yards’ distance between residences allowed by law and the complaint to be unfounded.

Lincolnville police responded to two animal control complaints for the reported activity period. The chief cautions Lincolnville residents to lock and secure their homes and garages when they are away from home because of the recently reported burglaries in the past week which are currently under investigation.

Lincolnville Police provide house checks to citizens who will be away for short or extended periods and you may obtain a form to request one at the Town Office. Lincolnville Police also announce that the 2010 November Seatbelt Campaign sponsored by the Bureau of Highway Safety will begin Nov. 15 and continue through Nov. 28. Traffic enforcement will be focusing on drivers and passengers not wearing their seat belts.

An arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at some later criminal proceeding.