Terri Walker, LPN, of Pen Bay Pediatrics, is Pen Bay Healthcare’s employee of the month for September 2010.

Walker is a hard worker who has adapted to workplace changes with a positive attitude that is inspiring to others, said Carol Goldsmith, the Pen Bay Pediatrics Practice Manager who nominated Walker for this honor, in a press release.

“Terri is a real down-to-earth, matter-of-fact Mainer who sees a job that needs to be done and just does it, with no fanfare,” Goldsmith said.

In addition, Walker’s accuracy and competence with the copious amounts of paperwork required in her job make her an indispensible part of the pediatric team. She has won rave reviews from state regulators for her reliable attention to detail.

A recent state immunization program review at Pen Bay Pediatrics noted that Walker is doing “an outstanding job” to ensure that our patients receive the immunizations they need. Drs. Susan McKinley and Kevin Strong in particular have given more than $100,000 in state vaccines over the past year, with virtually no waste. The state surveyor couldn’t believe it, according to Goldsmith, especially when considering the volume of vaccines given at Pen Bay Pediatrics.

Earlier this year, four pediatric practices merged into a single office as a way to better serve the area’s youngest patients and their families. In addition to being in the same large office together, the new Pen Bay Pediatrics maintains family-friendly evening and weekend hours.

According to Goldsmith, serving the patients and their families has always taken top priority for Walker. Pediatrics provides the special situation where the child is the patient, but most interactions are with parents.

“Over and over again I have seen Terri go to great lengths to please the most unreasonable, non-compliant parents,” said Goldsmith. “Terri has tremendous compassion for those who are often marginalized in our society – people who struggle with behavioral, mental health, and substance abuse issues. Terri treats everyone the same, without judgment.”

Walker says working in pediatrics is challenging but deeply rewarding, adding: “Children have a way of reminding us what really matters in life – they keep me smiling. Being able to watch children grow, thrive and overcome difficulties is amazing.”

Walker, an Appleton resident, has two sons. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, knitting, reading and spending time with family.