The Thompson Community Center is pleased to announce a free Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who would like to attend.

The dinner will be served at about 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day but people are welcome to come early. There will be a big screen TV for the Macy’s parade and football later on. Tables will be set up for checkers, cribbage, and other games.

To ensure there is food enough for everyone, people are asked to call the center at 975-0325 and just give a head count of how many people are coming. In addition to the meal, if anyone needs transportation, pick up is available. If there are people that just can’t come out but would enjoy a hot Thanksgiving dinner, organizers will deliver.

According to Kathleen Packard, chairman of the board of directors of the Thompson Community Center, the idea for the dinner came from the fact that her son Ensign Jesse Packard would not be home for Thanksgiving for the first time in 29 years. Jesse Packard is serving in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Winston Churchill in the Middle East. Kathleen Packard wanted to do something to make a difference this Thanksgiving so she shared the idea with the rest of the TCC board and an event was born. If everything goes as planned, there will be a call from the Winston Churchill that day for everyone to be a part of.

In order for the center to be able to feed all that are in need that day, it’s important that people call 975-0352 to reserve their space. The menu will be traditional Thanksgiving fare and most of the food has been donated by local farmers. This is going to be as much a social event as a Thanksgiving dinner. It makes no difference to why people have a need, but it is important for the center to be able to fill that need. If one is alone, if one’s family is not in the area, if one would like to share the day with others, would enjoy a good hot meal, or whatever the need, please consider joining the Thompson Community Center for Thanksgiving dinner.