The 1965 graduating class of Camden High School celebrated its 45th reunion on a perfect summer’s day, Aug. 14, 2010, at the home of Don and Lorna (Mitchell) Hills in Union.

In attendance were 31 classmates representing the towns of Camden, Appleton, Lincolnville and Hope. They were accompanied by 18 guests and everyone enjoyed feasting on a lobster and steak meal prepared by class members and helpers. A rousing auction of colorful potted plants donated as a fundraiser followed the meal. Vickie (Mills) Lesmeries went home happy as the raffle winner of a Maine landscape print painted and donated by David and Vicki (Berry) Henderson.

Several classmates made the effort to attend for the first time since graduating so there was a lot of laughter shared as members reunited and reminisced about school days while looking at class scrapbooks and socializing throughout the day. Nametags created from the senior yearbook photos prompted some good-natured comments but did help to eliminate any guessing of identities after 45 years!

Local classmates attending included Bill Anderson, Wayne and Marie (Sprowl) Berry, Donald Burke, Russell Campbell, Marie (Turner) Edgecomb, Vicki (Berry) Henderson, Lorna (Mitchell) Hills, Linda (King) Holbrook, Sheryl (Barton) Ladd, Anne (Porter) Lamont, Merilyn (Drinkwater) Littlefield, Marie (Porter) Powell, Charlotte (Kelly) Simon, Rosetta (Beveridge) Stebbins, John Tooley, Audrey (Clark) Wiley, Carter Mann, Sharon (Thomas) Sallinen and Vickie (Mills) Lesmeries. Additional Maine classmates were Sally (Chater) Kelley, Chester Pooley Jr., Lea (Estes) Sutton and Katherine (Chapin) Littlefield. Those who traveled from other states were Sandra (Manning) Dalphond, Eleanor (Thomas) Eberly, Steve Hardy, Ruth (Arnold) Moore, Janis (Bland) Ricker, Ruth (Beveridge) Dyer and Dave Moody representing the states of New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Thanks to the planning effort of the class reunion committee, it was a day to be remembered filled with lots of fun, food and friends!