Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap announced Oct. 28 that more than 24,000 students at over 150 schools voted in Maine’s Student Mock Election 2010. The mock election is coordinated by the Secretary of State’s Office and is run in partnership with teachers throughout the state.

Students voted on mock ballots for the offices of governor and U.S. House of Representatives, and they voted on the three statewide referendum questions appearing on Maine ballots. In addition, nearly 200 students from schools as far north as Fort Fairfield and as far east as East Machias, capped off the mock election by attending a “Rally and Tally” event, hosted by the Secretary of State at the Augusta Civic Center.

Students at the Rally and Tally event collected statewide mock election results by phone and by Internet and reported election returns throughout the afternoon and evening. Students also participated in a wide variety of election related activities including, listening to speeches from candidates in attendance, making campaign posters, learning interview techniques from seasoned reporters, making stump speeches on behalf of the candidates of their choice, and voting on special mock election event ballot.

The mock election results, finalized today, are posted below and are available online at