After pledging not to use lawn chemicals, some 250 residents of Camden have watched their properties getting painted green on a large town map displayed in the window of the town office.


Members of the Citizens for a Green Camden, a local nonprofit, are hoping, they say, that the entire map will be painted green before long, and the whole town will be safe from unnecessary lawn chemicals that pollute our air and water, and compromise the health of pets and people.


The map initiative is another step toward Citizens for a Green Camden’s goal of banishing all cosmetic lawn chemicals from the town, according to a news release. Previous initiatives by Citizens for a Green Camden include:


1) The enactment of a town policy, following unanimous approval by the Select Board, to forbid toxic lawn chemicals on town-owned property.


2) The agreement by all of the health care centers, including Quarry Hill, and low income and elderly housing complexes in Camden to only use safe lawn products. Hundreds of children and older people, those most vulnerable to the adverse health effects of lawn chemicals, said Citizens for a Green Camden, have been protected by this agreement.


3) The pledge by owners of every inn, motel and bed and breakfast in Camden to only use safe lawn care products, thus officially making Camden a safe lodging town.


4) The endorsement of the goal of Citizens for a Green Camden by every pediatrician in Camden.


5) A Web site,, that provides information on the latest studies linking health and environmental hazards to cosmetic lawn chemicals, as well as a comprehensive list of safer alternatives.