The Medomak Valley Land Trust and Youth Promise partnered to clean up trash along Finntown Road in Waldoboro. The road runs between two of MVLT’s preserves, Mill Pond and Peace Corps, and has the tendency to accumulate all sorts of interesting things, from tires to oil filters.

Armed with gloves, bags, and observant eyes, the group left a good part of Finntown Road spotless. The event was a great way to engage at risk youth in a positive community service experience. Everyone involved came away with a real sense of accomplishment after clearing nearly six large bags of trash off the roadside. A number of residents living on Finntown Road have thanked those involved with the cleanup.

To learn more about the Youth Promise organization, visit their website at The mission of Youth Promise is to develop and support the continual growth of the well being of youth and families through education and outreach.

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