After the Family Fun Day Rally at the Union Fair Grounds in July, members of Friends for Friends were asked to send in their nominations for people who may need a little help making life easier. Throughout the month of August, Friends for Friends received three nominations and were able to help them all.

A family in Scarborough, who would like to remain nameless, found themselves on hard times when the husband and father of two young boys lost three of his fingers in an industrial piece of woodworking equipment. This man had recently been laid off and decided to start his own cabinetry/wood furniture business from his home. The family was nominated by a member of Friends for Friends who was able to give them a gift certificate for several weeks’ worth of groceries from their local supermarket.

A member nominated a friend in Warren who was in need of some minor home remodeling. Ms. Daniels’ washing machine was in her basement while the dryer was on the main floor. Ms. Daniels was struggling to bring her wet clothes from the washer in the basement to the dryer upstairs. Friends for Friends remodeled a closet on the main floor of her home and installed her new washing machine on the main floor. The washing machine and dryer are now together and so much more manageable for Ms. Daniels.

Deborah McMahan O’Hara Damon of Owls Head is raising her two young grandchildren. Her granddaughter, Makayla, has cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, cortical blindness, is a quadriplegic, has a Mickey Button for her feeding tube, GERDS, a left hip dislocation and global developmental delays. Because of this, Makayla is in a wheelchair but there is no ramp to get her wheelchair in and out of the house. The family was nominated and Friends for Friends is in the process of purchasing material and building a wheelchair ramp so the family can get Makayla in and out of the house with ease.

None of this could have been done without the generous help from carpenters Bruce Sewell and Tim Myers, Linwood Shields of Let’s Fix It, sheetrocker Dennis Harriman, Brian Donahue of Donahue Construction and Manager Bill at Lowe’s.

Friends for Friends is a nonprofit charitable corporation helping friends in need. To learn more about becoming a member of Friends for Friends and nominating a friend in need, visit and become a fan of Friends for Friends on Facebook.