New to both the community and the downtown Tidemark Gallery, Judith Imm brings great skill and insight as a well-established artist. Now a Waldoboro resident, Imm was an active painter on the North Shore of Boston for 17 years.  Before that, she and her husband were in Europe where she studied at the Chelsea School of Art in London.

Imm has shown extensively in Boston and on the North Shore and was active in many art organizations including the Copley Society of Boston, the oldest art organization in America.  In 1994, she was designated a Copley Artist for having her work juried into three shows mounted by the society.

This artist has mastered a number of fascinating techniques and styles, from highly representational drawings to printmaking to multimedia. She said her most recent affiliation with the national Society of Layerists in Multi-Media has helped her to articulate a growing urge “to say more in a work than ‘Oh see the pretty …” I have felt restrained by the aspects of commerce that requires a sweet and pretty subject all the time.”

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