The final presentation of the Camden Public Library’s “Green October” speaker series will be on the tidal power generators being built in Cobscook Bay.

Glen Marquis, project development manager of Ocean Renewable Power Company, will deliver a multimedia presentation including background information on ORPC, its tidal technology, and project activities in Eastport, on Thursday, Oct. 28, at 6:30 p.m. at the library. The company has installed a demonstration unit, and Marquis’s talk will include the company’s current demonstration program and planned commercialization efforts.

ORPC is one of only a few companies in the world to have created a tidal power technology that doesn’t use dams or impoundments. Instead, its Turbine Generator Unit, or TGU, uses slowly rotating foils to power a permanent magnet generator at its center. Made with composite materials that won’t corrode and a gearless design that doesn’t use lubricants (and so won’t leak anything into the water) it produces absolutely no emissions, including greenhouse gases.

ORPC’s breakthrough technology and eco-conscious projects harness the power of the world’s oceans and rivers to generate clean, predictable, affordable energy. In partnership with river and coastal communities, ORPC works to create and sustain local jobs while promoting energy independence and protecting the environment. ORPC has demonstrated the technical viability of its technology and is actively developing commercial-scale tidal and river energy projects in Maine and Alaska. ORPC plans to build and install its first grid-connected tidal unit, TidGen, in Maine in 2011, and will be expanding project development activities in the U.S. and abroad over the next three years. Once initial projects are installed, ORPC will market its proprietary power systems to electric utilities and project developers worldwide.