The cruise ship Jewel of the Seas arrived in Rockland Harbor shortly before 7 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 18.

The 962-foot ship that can carry 2,051 passengers and a crew of 760 was scheduled to remain in port until 7 p.m. Monday.

This is the second consecutive year that the large cruise ship has made a one-day stop in Rockland. The weather this year was sunny with temperatures expected to be in the 50s. Last year, the ship arrived in rain and thick fog.

The visit is part of a seven-night cruise that began in Boston and traveled downeast to Saint John, New Brunswick.


According to the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce, the ship will be anchored  off of Owls Head and passengers will be tendered throughout the day to the Public Landing in Rockland. Passengers were to be transported to shore at approximately 8 a.m. with the last tender leaving port around 5:45 pm.

The Public Landing/Harbor Park will be open to vehicle (in a limited area) and pedestrian traffic. The area directly in front of Fisherman’s Memorial stage over to the Harbormaster’s building will be blocked off for the shore excursion buses, taxis and trolleys. Parking will be available directly along the sea wall area of Harbor Park over to the Harbormaster’s office. See diagram below on traffic flow.

Harbor Park will be used for staging of the shore excursion buses and shuttles to both Rockland and Camden destinations. Shuttle vans will be available for ship crew usage to Harbor Plaza/Wal-Mart. . There will be two drop off locations for returning buses: Myrtle Street (by Bricks) and Harbor Park (next to Harbormaster’s office).

Tents at Harbor Park: Two small tents will be at Harbor Park next to the Harbormaster’s office with volunteers from the Rockland and Camden areas disseminating local information (area guides and maps) until 4:30 p.m. In addition, volunteers will be on Main Street in Rockland throughout the day. All volunteers are wearing red aprons identifying themselves as information resources.

Exhibits in Mildred Merrill Park:  Rocky, the 18-foot fiberglass lobster, has been set up by the Rockland Festival Corporation for photo ops. Brooks Trap Mill and Tom Bernadi have provided custom-made lobster trap chairs and lobster traps for the creation of a mini lobster-trap tree. The Rockland Historical Society and the Thomaston Historical Society have exhibits on the history of these two communities. Ryan Post, Captain of the Instigator & business “Maine Buggin” will have a lobstering display for visitors to learn about the lobstering industry.