Merryspring Nature Center will be holding the inaugural meeting of the Merryspring Trail Crew on Saturday, Oct. 16 from 9 to 11 a.m.

Following questions and answers, an explanation of methods and a review of Merryspring’s new volunteer handbook, volunteers will head outside to begin work. The aim is to make sure that all trail crew members are working the same way, when it’s convenient for them, and at their own pace. This work will be done according to the recommendations in the property management plan.

Participants are asked to wear appropriate clothing for the work and weather on that day, and to bring gloves, loppers, pruning saws, bow saws or preferred tools for this kind of work. A limited supply of tools will be available at Merryspring.

If interested in helping but can’t make the meeting, please call Gail or Cindy at 236-2239 to set up an appointment or send an e-mail to