The Georges River Education Foundation is proud to announce they have awarded six grants totaling close to $10,000 for the following projects:

  • Stories of Maine – reading and writing the many stories of Maine and the people of Maine. The program includes interviews, field trip and guest speakers and written stories by both student and well-known authors.
  • Enhancing Classroom Libraries with Engaging Books for Reluctant Readers – purchase of special reading selections to assist in assuring all students enjoy and engage in early reading experiences.
  • Virtual Algebra – a program to meet the needs of math talented students who require additional learning challenges.
  • Marine Biology with Herring Gut Learning Center – a cooperative science educational enrichment program to give students hands on learning experience not available in a classroom setting.
  • Creating a Children’s Book: Melissa Sweet, Author and Illustrator – a program that brings an author to the classroom to assist children in gaining greater creative writing experience.

The Georges River Education Foundation supports the children of Cushing, Thomaston, and St. George by making grants to teachers and other professional staff for educational opportunities that schools cannot afford. Grants are for instructional goals, education resources and professional development.

The Georges River Education Foundation makes grants from donations received from the three communities that GREF serves to create otherwise unavailable but needed learning opportunities, such as teacher led projects outside the class, or in class, that support course objectives, or special professional advancement that will impact our children’s learning.

The Georges River Education Foundation has funded numerous educational projects, such as the animation, aquaponics, Cushing greenhouse, Festival for the Arts, world language research, multimedia tools, super writer, writing the river, and many others. GREF, and the teachers it has supported, are grateful for the annual giving that has made so many educational initiatives possible.

GREF would like to thank those who have donated to this cause and because of your generosity; GREF was able to impact the education development of our children in the community. Please continue to help fund opportunities for children. For more information; please mail inquiries to P.O. Box 103, Thomaston, Maine 04861.