The featured artist at the Country Inn for October and November is Maleah Chadwick, an emerging young artist who has a sensitive, creative eye and wants to share her talent with others.

The public is invited to an opening reception Friday, Oct. 9 from 5 to 7 p.m. The Country Inn is located on Route 1.

Chadwick, a recent graduate of Belfast Area High School, began a serious path in photography during her sophomore year at BAHS, when she enrolled in a basic photography class the school offered. Encouraged by her very supportive teacher Heidi O’Donnell, Chadwick spent her every free moment working in the darkroom or out and about with a school camera. From there, she acquired the skills and knowledge that would drive her towards pursuing a new found passion for photography.

Easily inspired by even the smallest of things, Chadwick finds herself unable to put a direct pinpoint on what type of photographer she is. At times she tends to lean towards photographing nature, landscape and travel, but truth is there is no limit to what can be captured in the moment. Carrying her Canon Rebel XS, she has found herself everywhere from mountaintops photographing sunsets to New York City taking pictures in Times Square. In the future she plans to travel the country in attempt to capture the best of every region.

As a photographer, Chadwick adheres to the idea that every picture is worth a thousand words and it is in her best interest to make sure that each moment she captures expresses itself as it did when she snapped the picture. She hopes to use her skill to bring across a positive or eye-opening message to the viewer. Photography is more than just the picture, she said; it is what one sees and feels when he or she views the picture.

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