Driver license renewal postcards to replace more costly information packets

AUGUSTA — Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap has announced that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), as part of a new cost saving measure, will change the manner in which it notifies Maine driver license holders when it is time to renew their licenses.

The BMV has been reviewing business processes for more efficient and cost effective ways to operate. One area identified relates to the cost of producing and mailing driver license renewal packets. The BMV mails between 105,000 and 220,000 annually, depending on the number of Maine citizens whose driver’s licenses are up for renewal in a given year.

Beginning in October 2010, driver license renewal notifications will be changed from a packet of information that costs about $.78 per notification to a postcard that will cost about $.37 per notification. This equates to a savings of $.41 per notification, or between $43,000 and $90,000 annually. Not only will BMV be saving money, but this initiative will also reduce the amount of paper consumed and ending up in landfills.

All of the information that was mailed previously in the driver license renewal packets will be available online at This includes information regarding legal presence and residency, voter registration, eye tests, and organ and tissue donation.

Governor celebrates gift to Maine soldiers

AUGUSTA — On behalf of the Maine National Guard Foundation, Gov. John E. Baldacci and Maj. Gen. John W. Libby of the Maine National Guard accepted $300,000 from the estate of Anna Doby. The funds will be used to support Maine soldiers’ families.

Doby, who passed away last year, was pre-deceased by her husband, Dr. Tibor Doby. The Cape Elizabeth couple had emigrated from Hungary after participating in the failed 1956 revolt against Soviet control. The couple moved to Maine in 1960 and dedicated themselves to serving their community.

“Having lived through oppression, the Doby’s had a deep appreciation for the values and the freedoms we enjoy in this country, and for the close-knit community that defines Maine,” said Baldacci in a press release. “They recognized the great cost of protecting our freedoms. They knew the great sacrifices of our soldiers. Their generous support of Maine troops will be a lasting legacy of Anna and Tibor Doby.”

Lou Dorogi, a resident of Topsham and longtime family friend of the Dobys, detailed the couple’s struggle to escape from Hungary. They began their new life in the United States as refugees, eventually establishing themselves in Maine. Dr. Doby served as Chief of Radiology at Mercy Hospital in Portland.

The governor said the funds from the Doby estate will enable the Maine National Guard Foundation to provide support to soldiers and their families during difficult times. “During this time of war, I have talked to too many families who have lost a son or daughter, brother or sister, parent or friend in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said the governor. “Those left behind while their family members serve also sacrifice greatly. They need our support. This donation will go a long way to provide critical assistance to them.”