Two local residents will spend three years in jail after admitting to their roles in twice robbing an elderly Dunton Avenue woman in her home earlier this year.

Joshua W. Ellis, 25, of Waldoboro was sentenced Sept. 27 in Knox County Superior Court to three years in prison for two counts of robbery and two counts of burglary.

Josselyn M. Robbins was sentenced Sept. 23 to seven years in prison with all but three years suspended for two counts both of robbery and burglary. A concurrent three-year sentence was imposed as well for a trafficking in cocaine charge, also from January.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Fernald said that Ellis was the principle defendant in the case since he entered the home.

Robbins’ role in the robberies of the Dunton Avenue resident was as an accomplice who drove individuals to the neighborhood, picked them up later, and received some financial benefit from the robberies, according to Fernald.

Fernald said while some people may view the sentence as lenient, he noted that the victim did not want to have to face the defendants and testify at a trial. Ellis cooperated with police, he said. Robbins’ sentence was as severe as Ellis’ sentence because she was on probation at the time of the offense for a prior drug trafficking charge.

According to police at the time, three young white males wearing masks broke into the woman’s house while she was home. They ordered her not to use the telephone while they went through the house.

The home invasion was cut short, however, because when the men entered the home, they allowed the resident’s dog to get loose. A neighbor saw the dog on the street and caught the canine and was returning the pet to the woman when the three men burst out of the house. The trio fled on foot.

The men were not armed and the woman was not injured. They stole a large amount of coins.

The prosecutor said that police have suspects but no one else has been charged in the case.

Other completed cases in Knox County Superior Court from Sept. 20 through Sept. 24 were:

Paul R. Ahlemeyer, 32, Rockport, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.

Percy A. Nickles, 28, Union, trafficking in prison contraband, nine months and one day in jail.

Gregory Prior, 39, Thomaston, OUI, 90-day license suspension, $750 fine.