The Jackson Memorial Library, in conjunction with the St. George School, will be hosting this year’s boys and girls book club. This monthly program will match the youth of St. George with adults from the community to discuss a book that will be provided, free of charge, by the library.

The program will kickoff with a pizza party on Tuesday, Oct. 12 at the Tenants Harbor town hall from 5:30 to 7 p.m. At the kickoff, the boys and girls will get a chance to meet some of the mentors, discuss some of the books they hope to read, and get a chance to sign up for the book club. Pizza will be provided.

The St. George Book Club originally started in 2003 when teacher, Lorie Hoyt Nguyen, began a book club for students at the St. George School. The extra-curricular club was open to both boys and girls in fifth and sixth grades. The district volunteer coordinator at the time, Maryanne Vanasse, approached Nguyen to have the book club mirror a SAD 75 after-school girls book club. This program included mentors, potluck dinners, and team-building activities. The new book club was a huge success.

Meetings now take place in Tenants Harbor at the Jackson Memorial Library, and the funding is provided by the library. Since 2003, the book club has grown in numbers and a boys book club has been established.