Hurricane damage (not)

Our friend on Vinalhaven writes that Hurricane Earl passed across the Gulf of Maine, and felt fortunate enough to include a photo of the damage inflicted. The photo was of four white plastic lawn chairs tidily arranged on the grass. One, however, had tipped over on its back. An image of horrendous devastation from the island.

Hurricane Igor likewise passed a little further to the east on Monday, Sept. 20, and the line of demarcation was pretty evident. Offshore, a distinct and continuous cloud filled the eastern skies; over the Midcoast, nothing but clear blue September skies, with the warmest breezes swinging through from the north. An ideal day, and everyone was smiling. Not sure how mariners were doing offshore, though.

Them’s fighting words

A columnist from The Statesman in Texas wrote last week about her relishing travels to Midcoast Maine, where women, she reported, tend not to wear makeup. She loved it that “Mainers walk around looking … well, like they look.” She also described the women here tending “to look like Barbara Bush.”

OK, Maine does have its fair share of women who eschew makeup, heels and fashion, favoring instead the Carhartts. But while Barbara Bush is queenly in comport, there are women here, young and old, who enjoy the Chanel lipstick, the Gucci glasses, the Estee Lauder eyeliner, and most decidedly do not resemble the former First Lady.

As the ladies around here say, Maine women wear makeup, only in a much more refined manner than the ladies in Texas. And as one woman responded to The Statesman site, Maine women even have most of their teeth.

Cow pie bingo in St. George

The humble Farmer writes us: “You’ve heard people say, ‘you’ve got to fish or cut bait.’ If that means that you are not going to have time to do everything you want to do, here’s a classic example. You might have heard that the most verdant, pastoral pasture in the town of St. George, and a cow who is not ashamed to stand up and moo for things she believes in, have been commandeered by the St. George Tennis Club.

“The St. George Tennis Club is raising money and public awareness of their club by sponsoring a cow pie bingo game. I know. The last time a cow-pie-bingo game was held in Knox County several protesters showed up carrying signs, claiming it was demeaning to the cow. So if you are a media mogul who thrives on ratings that are driven by controversy you’d better be there with your camera.

“The spark plug to this affair is an indefatigable man who can be seen all over town, selling raffle tickets wherever and whenever a crowd gathers, and because of his efforts and a public with money to burn, the club should do well. When he asked me if I ever played tennis I had to admit that I had never been in that socio-economic level of people who are able to ski or play tennis, but that I once paid 50 cents for a tennis racket at a lawn sale. I explained to him that being eager to appear upwardly mobile, I put the tennis racket in the rear window of my car so people would think I played tennis. It does as much for one’s perceived income and lifestyle as walking into a store in Camden. Anyway, yesterday a member of the St. George Tennis Club was boasting about our tireless ticket-selling friend. She said, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play.'”

Are lots of acorns on the ground a sign of a harsh winter to come?

Many people have mentioned to the black cat that they have “millions” of acorns on the ground at their houses. A search on the Farmers Almanac Web site indicates that one of the 20 signs for a numbingly cold winter is an over abundance of acorns.  Also
according to folklore an unusual abundance of acorns is nature’s way of taking care of animals that put them away for winter dining. Yikes!