The Celebrate Urban Birds project at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology seeks observations of interesting or unusual bird feeding behavior for its Bird Chow Challenge contest.

“Take a walk outside-you might see pigeons trying to snag a piece of pizza in the park or a flock of Cedar Waxwings scarfing up berries from a bush,” said project leader Karen Purcell, in a press release. “Maybe a gull will steal your sandwich. Look for a horde of grackles going nuts at a feeder, or an American Robin tagging along after a farmer plowing his field.”

Entries can be digital photos, artwork, or video, even a story or a poem. Show or describe avian food follies.

Prizes include bird feeders, nest boxes, sound CDs, guides, books and posters. The first 50 entrants will receive a copy of a poster showing some behaviors of American Crows, Blue Jays, and other closely-related species.

E-mail entries to

1. Write Bird Chow, first and Last name, city and state in the subject line.

2. Include name, mailing address, and location where photos were taken.

3. Give reason for entry to the contest.

4. Choose just one best or favorite entry.

5. Send entry before Nov. 1.

Visit the Celebrate Urban Birds Web site for more information. Project Contact: Karen Purcell, Project Leader, 607-254-2455,