By now you have received the bill for your taxes. The first half is due Friday, Oct. 1, 2010. If you have not received your bill contact the town office at 763-4199.

Pick up children

When picking up your children at the Hope school at the end of the day they ask that you move out of the front lobby/door area as soon as possible. They dismiss walkers/riders first so that vehicles can be gone before buses get out on the roads. They are finding that parents and children remain in the front lobby area and then when bus students are called, they have a difficult time getting them out of the building.

Free library cards

This month is library card sign-up month at the Camden Public Library. As everyone heds back to school with pencils, new clothes and stuffed backpacks, don’t forget one of the most important back to school supplies is your free student public library card. The library is here to help with books and resources for research and pleasure reading all year long.

New folks

The following are the new folks at the Hope Elementary School: Christina Stanek-Special education, kindergarten through sixth grade. Maureen Rispoli-French teacher, Kathi Pearse-education technician and Freeman Carter- temporary part-time custodian.

Class of 1938

Once again members of the class of 1938 who graduated from the Camden High School gathered at Windward Garden for their annual class reunion. Those attending were Kay Bagley Donaldson and Maynard Knight from Camden and William Pearse of Hope. Also attending were Shirley Knight, Evelyn Crocker and myself. A great lunch was enjoyed by all.

Craft fair

The craft fair is moving right along. They receive request for tables every day. If you have not sent in your money for rent of a table please do it now. They are always looking for new people to have a table. Wendy will answer any questions you have. Call her at 785-5770.

Ladies Club picnic

The Ladies Club held their annual picnic last Tuesday. Due to the bad weather (you remember we had that terrible thunder shower in the morning and it was not very warm) the picnic was held at the new Hope Corner Fire Station. Twenty members and one guest enjoyed a very nice day. Ham, egg and chicken salad sandwiches were served plus potato chips, pickles and beverages were served. For dessert Klondike bars were served.

The business meeting was held first in the day. The craft fair was discussed. This year the club will only sell raffle tickets on the quilt made and donated by Margaret Morse. Gail Spear and Charlotte Young will take the first shift and Dottie Wright and myself will take the last shift. Needed are a volunteer to sell the ticket from 10 a.m. to noon. If you would like to work that shift please give me a call.

The ladies then looked at the dates on the food that they keep in the cupboard for the firemen in case of a fire.

The ladies were very impressed with the new station. It is all on one floor, plenty of room, nice tables and chairs. After a discussion it was decided that the following meetings will be held at the station. The months of November, January, February and March. there is plenty of parking. Margaret then went to the town office and made out the papers for these months.

Next meeting of the group will be held Tuesday, Oct. 12 and will be the secret tour. People should meet at the Hope church at 8:30 a.m. If you have any questions please call Arleigh at 236-8691 or myself 763-3751.