Gina Cenciose of the Maine Nonviolent Communication Network will present an Introduction to Empathy and nonviolent communication at the Camden Public Library on Tuesday, Sept. 28, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Cenciose is a certified trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication who has been living and teaching nonviolent communication full time since 2002. She has worked with groups and individuals on their healing paths since 1996, drawing on many healing modalities including shamanic healing, applied kinesiology, and focusing.

“I have worked with people from all kinds of backgrounds, in support groups, in parenting groups, and other groups, to teach the powerful communication process called nonviolent communication. This process promises to contribute substantially to the quality of all relationships. I work closely with the center for nonviolent communication and train and certify new trainers, such as Peggy Smith, of Lincolnville. Together, we have founded Maine Nonviolent Communication Network. Our vision is to create meaningful, nurturing, and mutually respectful relationships between people. All of our lives, it is possible to create deep connection and trust in families, workplaces, communities, etc., contributing greatly to the well being of everyone,” Cenciose said in a press release.