The Thomaston Public Library’s new community display program has taken flight — in a four-foot model airplane.

A radio controlled high-performance competition sailplane, owned by William Dashiell of Thomaston, was unveiled Sept. 15 as the centerpiece of a new exhibit.  The glider, which has a 48-inch wingspan and electronics in the nose and tail to control the tail rudder, will be on display for the next six weeks.

The sailplane display features the plane itself alongside several sheets of information and photos about how the plane flies, given that it does not have an engine. The glider is part of a new series of displays at the library featuring community members and their hobbies, arts and crafts.

“This is a neat way to share a hobby,” said head librarian Brian Sylvester. “I didn’t even know these kinds of planes existed.”

Upcoming displays will include artwork by Kathy Lane, Japanese paper art by Diane Hebert, and a display of school-related artifacts from the Thomaston Historical Society.

Library members can sign up to create their own displays by calling the
library at 354-2453.