The Camden Rotary Club recently appointed Graham Phaup as president for the 2010- 2011 year at its annual meeting at the Camden Snow Bowl.

Phaup has more than 14 years in the Camden club having held a number of positions including first vice president and chair of Camden Rotary’s Annual Summer Concert and member of the Youth Exchange Committee.

“‘Building strong communities, bridging continents’ is Rotary International’s theme this year, Phaup said. Camden Rotary is a great club, and we will do our best to strengthen our community outreach programs and extend a hand overseas. I am honored to be president of the Camden Rotary Club as it enters its 85th year.”

When asked about the value of Rotary and how participation in Camden Rotary has influenced his life, Phaup is quick to answer. “When I first arrived in Camden in 1994, I knew only a handful of people, among whom were some members of the Camden Rotary Club. By joining the club, I immediately felt connected to the community, and by engaging in the club’s outreach activities, I have gained friends. Our family has also benefited by hosting exchange students from overseas, and our daughter enjoyed a year in Chile, thanks to the Rotary Youth Exchange program. On overseas trips, I try to attend club meetings whenever possible. Through Rotary International I can always find ways to stay connected.”

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