The Penobscot Bay YMCA has recently completed the reconfiguration of the fitness center to address overcrowding in classes and the lack of air conditioning. The newly renovated space enables the Y to maintain the high quality of services while serving the many people who enjoy being at the Y.

The Y was built in 2002 with a membership target of 3,500 people, but shortly after moving into the facility membership numbers soared to nearly 5,000. The Y outgrew its space almost instantly. The Community Rooms, which were designed to serve as special function rooms, had to be transformed into a child care space and a secondary exercise studio. Financial constraints prevented the provision of air conditioning in the Fitness Center.

The Y remains in high demand, having experienced a 10 percent growth in membership over the past two years due to free group exercise programs, free child watch services and a special workplace wellness program for state employees.

A survey to the Y membership revealed strong support for this solution to achieve the maximum benefit at a reasonable cost. An expenditure of about $50,000 included the installation of a sprung hardwood floor in the community room, electrical upgrades to the wellness studio and the purchase of additional equipment.

The cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers and bikes have been moved into the air-conditioned Wellness Studio. The weight lifting, stretching and strength training equipment have been spread out in the existing Fitness Center. Finally, all exercise classes are now in the Community Room, which has more space, air-conditioning and a new sprung hardwood floor.

These changes took place at the end of August just in time to start the fall program session with plenty of room for everyone and the ability to provide air conditioning for everyone who uses aerobic exercise equipment as well as those who participate in fitness classes.

For more information please contact the YMCA at 236-3375.