As part of the Maine Open Lighthouse Day, noted lighthouse author and historian Tim Harrison, editor of “Lighthouse Digest,” will give a presentation “Lighthouses and Their Role in American History,” at the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 18.

Harrison’s presentation will cover some of the most amazing and important events in American history that revolved around lighthouses that most people are unaware of such as the lighthouse man who saved America’s most valuable documents and how today’s Federal Aviation Administration developed from lighthouses and the role lighthouses played in winning the second World War.

Harrison, of Whiting, is the editor and publisher of the Maine based “Lighthouse Digest,” magazine, author of 11 lighthouse books, and the past president of the non-profit American Lighthouse Foundation, which he co-founded in 1994. He is currently chairman of the Friends of Little River Lighthouse, a member of the Board of Directors of the Maine Lighthouse Museum and continues serve on the Board of Directors of the American Lighthouse Foundation. He was the driving force behind the Museum of Lighthouse History, which several years ago was merged into the Maine Lighthouse Museum. Harrison is also a recipient of the United States Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Medal and for his varied efforts in preserving American lighthouses and the history associated with them.

Among the books he has authored are: “Lighthouses of the Sunrise County,” which is the most complete history and photographic accounting of the lighthouse life in Washington County; “Lighthouses of Bar Harbor and the Acadia Region”; and “Portland Head Light, A Pictorial Journey Through Time,” which Harrison says is the most complete accounting ever published of Maine’s most famous lighthouse. Other books that Harrison has recently released are “Ghost Lights of Michigan,” “Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse & Life Saving Station,” and “Ghost Lights of Lake Erie.” Also, Harrison has co-authored several other books including, “The Golden Age of American Lighthouses and Lost Lighthouses,” which are among the best selling lighthouse books in the United States. Harrison has also written hundreds of lighthouse articles and appeared on numerous lighthouse documentaries and helped develop the popular PBS mini-series “Legendary Lighthouses and Lighthouse of Maine, A Journey Through Time.” He is currently working on a new book “Ghost Lights of Maine” and several other titles.

Harrison is a highly sought after speaker and his presentation, “Lighthouses and Their Role in American History,” is extremely lively and entertaining. His presentation will be followed by an autograph signing to benefit the Maine Lighthouse Museum and refreshments will be served. The presentation is open free to the public. For more information call the museum at 594-3301.