What a glorious day Sunday was! What there was of Hurricane Earl had passed and left us with incredibly blue skies, improbably white, puffy clouds, gentle temperatures and dogs! Sea Dogs in Harbor Park, part of the Windjammer Festival, drew almost two dozen entrants and handlers and a huge crowd of onlookers who were content to sit on the grass and watch all kinds of dogs — and we mean all kinds— negotiate (or not) an obstacle course, perform a drill to music and participate in contests for, among other things, the Prettiest Eyes, won by Mulligan, a rescue Jack Russell who brought Brenda Barbour from Stoneham, Mass. Second place went to Zoey, with Sally Russillo of Camden, and third to Pippin, with Carissa Bielamowicz of Camden.

Other winners were:

Tallest dog: Emma, with Susan and Josh Morris of Waldoboro

Smallest dog: Cooper, with Cathy Hardy of Lincolnville

Heaviest dog: Zack, with Lowrie Sargent of Camden (and we mean heavy, as in cool and dire: check out the shades)

Longest fur/hair: Taser, with Al Ockenfels of Rockport

Longest tail: Taser, again.

For pictures, of which there are plenty; visit www.crarl.org. Can’t begin to tell you what fun everything was. You had to see Max the bulldog tumble off the plank and then clear the jump by a few sixteenths of an inch; or Cooper the Cardigan corgi try to get from one step to another on his little legs; or Taser, the gorgeous long-haired German shepherd, move through the obstacle course as swiftly and gracefully as a fox; and all the other wonderful four-legged creatures for whom we are privileged to care and who add such love and levity to our lives.

We were pleased to see so many former CRARL residents in the crowd. And if there was the slightest sad note to the day, it was knowing that the shelter dogs in attendance— including Molly, our beautiful special-needs black Lab— were going back not to a forever home but to their quarters in the shelter, where they are dearly loved and devotedly cared for by our splendid staff but who need, and deserve, forever homes of their own. Please stop by the shelter to meet them and lose your heart.

We have a boatload of thanks going out: to 9-year-old Hannah Koziol of Monroe, Conn., who was visiting her grandparents in Camden and who worked the crowd getting donations for CRARL as well as bestowing the prizes; to the judges: V.O. and the gifted and lovely Jackie Harkness, and Ginny and Joe Ryan, whose hearts are even bigger than their dogs; and to Terry Brégy, our peerless emcee, whose wit, sparkle, charm and off-the-cuff repartee flowed like honey on a warm day.

Thanks too to Sumac, Wag It of Lincolnville and the Wag It staff, who generously shared the stage with CRARL; to the CRARL volunteers who measured dogs’ hair, tails and other attributes; to the Windjammer Weekend organizers who invited us to participate in the weekend; and to everyone who was there, with or without dog(s).

Well! On to other important matters. Don’t forget the Canine ‘n’ Car Wash from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Sept. 11, in the Key Bank barking lot at the Hannaford center. We are justly renowned for the great cleans we give four-wheeled and four-footed items, and the wash is also a great place to see your friends and your friends’ dogs, to say nothing of your dog’s friends.

And on Saturday, Sept. 18, Loyal Biscuit will hold a nail-clipping clinic to benefit CRARL. More details on that next week.

Some of the models for the fabulous Pat McLean photos in our first-ever CRARL Community Calendar are being interviewed on our TV show “Reigning Cats and Dogs.” Last week’s highlights included Rockport Police Chief Mark Kelley, Camden Fire Chief Chris Farley and Rockport Police Officer Dana Smith. The next interviews air Thursday, Sept. 16, on our local community channel, so don’t miss them. These are the women and men who keep our towns not only running but running smoothly, and the calendar is our way of thanking them for the great job they do. The calendar is due out in early October, and we suggest you reserve a copy or two as they will go like greased lightning!

Our good friend Henry Cooper celebrated his ninth birthday recently and asked all the friends who came to his party to bring donations for the shelter. And did they ever! Henry and his mother, Martie, showed up at the shelter the other day with $374 and a bunch of dog and cat food. We’ll show you Henry next week, along with the presentation of the check from Camden National Bank from the annual “Dog Days of Summer” event.

We have some gorgeous gals and guys who are with us looking for a home.

Zach and Zeb, who were found running around at Merryspring, are brothers, and they would love to stay together in a new home. They are notorious pranksters who love to run, play and purr whenever they get the chance.

Annabelle, our 3-year-old Rottweiler, loves to play too. She is also very big on walks, and she is never far from the squeaky toy that gives her, and those of us watching her, such a good time.

Travis just may be the most affectionate cat here at the shelter. In addition to loving being with people, he really likes to have his belly rubbed, and he should have a home where loving and belly rubs are routine. He’s also gorgeous, in case you hadn’t noticed.

On our wish list: paper towels, dry cat food and dry dog food, garbage bags, bleach and laundry soap. And don’t forget to tell Hannaford’s wonderful Bob Josselyn how much you appreciate his generosity in letting us share a donation box with the food pantry-and then make sure you leave something in both bins. Thank you.

Please visit us at the shelter at 146 Camden St. in Rockport from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. And our Web site at www.crarl.org is never closed! Thank you!