The Knox County Commission announced a new opportunity for public service with the creation of a Knox County Board of Assessment Review.

The assessment board will be made up of five to seven members of the public and will hear and decide property tax abatement appeals for towns that do not have their own board of assessment review. Currently, the Knox County Commissioners hear just a few tax abatement appeals per year, but state law allows for a county assessment board to hear these appeals so that persons with experience in real estate may act on behalf of the county.

Board members will be selected based on their knowledge of taxation and property values, and at least one must be a licensed real estate appraiser. Persons with professional experience and also members of the general public are encouraged to apply. The terms are to be at least three years but no more than five years, and will be set by the board. The board itself will choose a chairman and secretary, and the meeting schedule.

Letters or e-mails stating interest and qualifications should be sent to the County Administration Office by Sept. 30. Letters should be mailed to Andrew L. Hart, Knox County Administrative Office, 62 Union St., Rockland, ME 04841, or e-mailed to For more information contact Hart at 594-0420 or