Herring Gut Learning Center, a nonprofit marine education center on Factory Road, has named Ann Boover of St. George its aquaculture and marine science teacher.

Boover held the positions of science and master teacher at the Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School in Worcester, Mass., before moving to St. George in 2007. She will be teaching aquaculture and marine biology to middle and high school students at the center, developing curriculum, guiding professional development programs for educators, and offering outreach activities for the public.

“Ann brings an enthusiasm for hands-on science and the natural world,” said Wes Todd, director of the center. “Ann has worked in formal education settings as well as in the field, with students of all ages; her experience will be of great benefit to the educational mission of Herring Gut.”

Prior to joining the Herring Gut staff, Boover worked in special education in the Camden-Rockport middle and elementary schools. In addition to her decade of classroom teaching, Boover brings hours of volunteer time for Massachusetts Audubon Society as a teacher/naturalist, and currently contributes time as a steward of the Fort Point Trail in St. George.

Using aquaculture and marine science as a springboard to learning, Herring Gut programs incorporate hands-on teaching methods to strengthen students’ skills in science, math and literacy while providing experiences that promote responsible stewardship of the marine environment.

“I’m looking forward to using my skills as a teacher to foster curiosity and strengthen confidence in students, who find themselves in this remarkable place and time,” said Boover. “To encourage students to think about the marine environment and their role as lifelong stewards couldn’t be more exciting to me.”

Boover holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts. She completed coursework toward a master’s degree at Clark University, and holds a Maine teaching certificate in science.