Rona Spear of Rockland has been appointed the new director of The Toy Library Center.

Since 1971, the primary purpose of the Toy Library is to provide a non-sectarian community program for preschool children, toddlers and infants which fosters creative play in a safe, nurturing environment and promotes cooperation and goodwill among participating children, their parents or other caregivers. This informal atmosphere has cultivated many lasting friendships in and around our community.

What Toy Library does for children:

The Toy Library is all about creative play. A full range of toys provides children with the opportunity to develop important skills: puzzles and blocks for fine motor skills, dolls for nurturing, dress up clothes for exploring roles and larger toys, such as the climbing gym, slide and wheeled vehicles for large muscle development.

The Toy Library is also about making new friends. Young children have their first opportunity to form friendships and learn about sharing and playing with other young children at the Toy Library. This experience often makes the transition to a formal preschool or public school easier for them.

The Toy Library is about fun all week. Children can continue their play at home with exciting toy kits, puzzles and games to borrow. Each child will receive a card with access to our lending library. Toys are borrowed for play at home, and returned the next week.

What Toy Library does for parents/caregivers:

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to join in their child’s play, the serious business of childhood. Exploring a new environment with your child will get you out of your everyday routine at home and provide you a new opportunity for fun and valuable interaction. Parents also have the chance to observe their child’s interactions with other children and adults.

Parents can get support at the Toy Library. At times, parenting can be confusing, difficult, or even a lonely job. Toy Library Center provides a relaxed setting for parents to share problems and solutions with other parents, the staff and an occasional guest speaker. Pregnant women and new parents are always welcome to get advice about prenatal and infant care.

Parents can get information at the Toy Library. Parents may borrow from Toy Library’s extensive collection of books on parenting and childcare. Articles and information about community events for children are also available on a regular basis.

Rona has a bachelor of science degree in elementary education with a concentration in early childhood development and teaches part time at the Riley School in Glen Cove. Rona lives in Rockland with her husband Everett and their four boys.

Toy Library is open Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to noon and located at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 11 White Street in Rockland. Membership is $40 per child each semester (fall semester runs September through December, and spring is January through June) and $10.00 for each additional child.

Please join Toy Library on Sept. 9 and 10 for our annual open house and cleaning day. Come check out the space, meet our new director and find out more about us. Toy Library’s fall semester will begin Sept. 16 and will follow the RSU 13 calendar for vacation and holidays.

For more information, visit or call Rona @ 596-6806.