The Coastal Children’s Museum will be welcoming a special guest in the afternoon to kick off its Wise Wednesdays on Sept.15 at 3pm.

Heidi Vanorse and her four legged friend Fenway, from the Loyal Biscuit Co. in Rockland, will be coming in and talking about dog and cat care, treats, safety, and cleaning.  Her store is right on Main Street in Rockland and it has everything from leashes to treats to a self-service dog washing station so Vanorse knows how to make dogs and cats happy. She will share this expertise with the children and teach them how to handle and care for the animals they are so fascinated by.

This fall the Coastal Children’s Museum is focusing its programming to include a workshop most Wednesday afternoons after school, ultimately culminating in its Wednesday Institute later this winter. Their goal is to support the schools, home schools and preschools of this area by providing educational workshops and programs at a time when school-age children can attend. So as the fall goes on look out for more and more events happening on Wednesdays after school.

This first Wagging Tail Wednesday will be at the Coastal Children’s Museum, located at 75 Mechanic Street in Rockland from 3 to 4 p.m. This event is free for members and included in the price of admission for non-members. For more information call the museum office at 207-385-1105 or email The Loyal Biscuit Co.’s website is